We have collaborated with The Commonfolk Collective! They create beautiful soy candles with a mindful touch with their positive affirmations.

Each candle is 600g and is pure soy wax that has up to 80+ hours of burning.

Our Smile More candle features our Tutti Frutti & Painted Stripe print and comes in 5 different scents.

M A L I  //    Fill your room with coconut and lime sublime. Take me for cocktails on the beach, with a summer breeze and palm trees.

B Y R O N  //   Bringing you warm natural vibes to your tribe, with a creamy blend of almond milk and coconut milk. This offers a subtle scent of vanilla with sweet almond, warming carmel and a mild twist of coconut.

H U D S O N   V A L L E Y   //   A delicious aroma that embraces scents of fresh produce from the valley. A fresh blend of cucumber, mint & ginger with a twist of lemongrass and persian lime.

B I G  S U R // A crisp pine needle scent that's like a walk through an evergreen forest.

T U L U M //  Take me to the tropics of Tulum to wander and wonder with this dreamy mango and lime sublime.

We chose 'Smile More, Worry Less' affirmation as a way to always remember even in tough situations, to try and look on the bright side and to take a step back and appreciate what we have.

The candle comes in a glass jar with a wooden lid which can be recycled after the candle has burnt out. We love to use ours for tea and coffee as well as keeping little nick nacks in! We have also herd people using the lids as hooks on the wall!